Even a heavy rain storm couldn’t quell the excitement earlier this month when we here at Escape Entertainment joined forces with Science Channel and Popular Mechanics to celebrate the opening of our newest game, Alien Attack, in conjunction with the upcoming premiere of Secret Space Escapes. On the eve of yet another highly anticipated New York Comic Con, which included a Secret Space Escapes panel discussion moderated by Popular Mechanics Tech editor, Alex George, astronauts Robert Curbeam and Soyeon Yi were among the guests who gathered together to share both a sneak peek at the show’s premiere episode and Escape Entertainment’s thrilling new live escape adventure.

Set on an international space station and featuring some of the most cutting edge technology available today including augmented reality, Alien Attack requires players to work as a team to power up the systems of an escape capsule in order to thwart an alien threat.

Secret Space Escapes is slated to premiere on Discovery’s Science Channel on November 10 and showcases harrowing first-person accounts of those times when astronauts came close to peril during various routine and high pressure missions. While none of these compelling stories include evading alien forces, the gut-churning tales of near catastrophe are guaranteed to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Our hope is that escape game enthusiasts and fans of space travel, sci-fi and technology will experience a similar rush as they navigate their way through Alien Attack’s state-of-the-art setting. “In keeping with our approach to game design, the Alien Attack game is unique from our other games in every respect from the theme and setting to the puzzle types and logical connections of the game,” said Brad Albright, founder and managing partner of Escape Entertainment. “In this game we integrate advanced technology into the game in a manner that makes it accessible to all walks of life.”

To commemorate this exciting partnership, follow Escape Entertainment and Science Channel on social media and tune into the November 10th premiere for an exclusive offer on upcoming game reservations!

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