escape to go logo with number of players (25-500) and difficulty (intermediate).



Present Day: New York City is under siege by a shadowy anarchist group. They have placed viral dispersion units all throughout Manhattan, and one of them is in your building. The NYPD has dispatched a team to each location, but with the sheer number of devices that need to be disabled, they’re short handed. You and your team will need to assist the NYPD in their investigation, sifting through email records, CCTV footage and the cellphones of specific persons of interest in order to uncover how the viral device can be disabled. Work quickly though, time is of the essence. 


  • Playable anywhere in the greater NYC area, we come to you. 
  • Fully modular game system ensures that groups anywhere from 25 to 500 players in size will feel involved and occupied for the full 80 minutes.
  • Custom designed escape game tech, open secret compartments and play with custom coded software. 
  • Live actors assist with your gameplay.
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