Where do we park? How many rooms do you have? Should I pack my flamethrower? These are all questions, and some of them are actually questions we have been asked. For both our sake, and yours, we have compiled answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

If you call us to ask one of these questions, you’re silly. But also, you won’t ever know that we called you silly because you clearly never bothered to check the FAQ. Why do we even bother?

We are located at 39 West 32nd Street, 4th Floor, between Broadway and 5th Avenue (closer to Broadway).  We are in an office building with a glass door right next to Caffe Bene.

We are steps away from the B/D/F/M and N/R/Q subway lines and the PATH and one block away from Penn Station.

We do not allow any outside food on the premises or inside our game rooms.  However, if you’re looking to book an event with us like a birthday or corporate event, we do provide food and bar catering at an additional cost.  For more information on catering packages and availability, please email contact@escape-entertainment.com

Our games do tend to sell out so it’s best that you purchase your tickets as soon as possible, especially if you have one specific date, time or game in mind. Subject to availability, tickets for our games are available for purchase up to twenty minutes prior to game time.

The only way to ensure that you will only be playing with the people in your group is to book the entire game room for your group. Otherwise, get ready for the possibility of  making some new friends and add to your enjoyment. (Which is fun! Trust us!)

There is a parking garage (not affiliated with our company) directly across from the entrance to our building. If you plan to drive in, please allow yourself extra travel time to combat potentially heavy traffic.

As much as we would love to accommodate latecomers, the simple truth is that our games run on a very tight schedule. Late arrivals disrupt the games and rob all those who showed up on time of their maximum potential for enjoyment. So we ask that you arrive ten minutes before your game is scheduled to start and take that into consideration when planning your trip to see us. If you are late we may not be able to accommodate you with a full hour of game time.

No worries. Our master escape artists who are monitoring your game are standing at the ready to assist you with pointed hints through a variety of different media in your game room should you find yourselves stuck in your efforts to win the race to escape.

We are routinely asked questions about claustrophobes participating in our games which is to be expected, since the entire concept of escape games revolves around the premise of being “locked” in a room. We are happy to report that not one of our guests who has expressed concerns about claustrophobia has ever requested to be let out of their game room while their game was in progress. Our rooms, particularly Manhattan Mayhem and Prohibition Pandemonium, are quite spacious and designed to comfortably fit ten players. In addition, there are ways in each room to communicate with the Adventure Guide staff during the game, should the need arise.

The age requirement for both our Manhattan Mayhem game and our Prohibition Pandemonium game is 10 +. There must be one participating adult, age 21+, for every two kids ages 10 through 16. The age requirement for Alien Attack is 14+. There must be one participating adult, age 21+, for every two kids ages 14 through 16.

Escape Entertainment’s games are appropriate for all levels of fitness. No heavy lifting is required. The only muscle you will need to flex over and over is your brain!

All reservations are final. No cancellations, credits, exchanges or exceptions.

Yes. Our building has elevators and our rooms are large enough to comfortably accommodate patrons with wheelchairs.

Nope. We need our puzzles and game designs to remain a secret, and off the internet!

Escape Entertainment NYC is one of the largest live escape game venues in North America. Ours is also the first live escape game venue to be designed for the Fortune 500. We are committed to offering the highest standard of quality. This commitment to quality is illustrated in every facet of our operations- from the general aesthetic of our waiting area and event space to the superior customer service provided by our Adventure Guide staff and, most importantly, to the content of our games and our game room designs. Our games were created by leading experts and master craftsmen, including process optimization experts, production professionals, game designers, mathematicians and an elite team of set designers whose previous works have been featured at the White House, MoMA, Broadway and many movie and television sets.

Each of our four game rooms holds 10 players maximum. While our games typically run on a staggered schedule, for large groups, upon request, we are able to run up to all four game rooms simultaneously to accommodate up to 40 players in one visit. Groups larger than 40 require more than one round of games. For more information on booking large groups, please email contact@escape-entertainment.com

While it’s true that on weekdays the majority of our traffic comes to us for team building, we greatly enjoy hosting customers from the general public and we find that the general public loves our games! Families, friends, tourists and schools routinely book with us. Escape Entertainment’s games have been incorporated into birthday celebrations, family reunions, anniversaries and even wedding proposals!

Groups of 20 players or less may reschedule their reservation once, provided they contact us at least three business days in advance of their original game date. Groups of 21 or more players may reschedule their reservation once, provided they contact us seven business days in advance of their original game date.

Left-brained, right-brained and undecided-brained players will find themselves equally entertained, engaged and challenged by our games.

Nope. We require all of our aspiring escape artists to power off their phones for the entire duration of their game to allow for optimum levels of challenge, overall enjoyment and satisfaction. Besides, you will have your hands more than full with the clues, props, keys and other accessories that you will need to make use of in order to find your way out. 

For all corporate team builds for groups comprised of less than 10 people, we strongly recommend booking all 10 spaces in the room. If you purchase just enough tickets in the room for your team, the remaining tickets will remain on sale to the public and there’s a high likelihood that members of the public will wind up at your team build, impacting the group dynamic and the team-bonding goal of your outing.

There truly isn’t one game that is more fun than another. They are all fun! It boils down to personal preference/which game theme you find most appealing. Prohibition Pandemonium is set in 1927 New York City, Manhattan Mayhem is set in modern-day New York City and Alien Attack is set in the future on an international space station.

We have purposely designed our Manhattan Mayhem game to run in two rooms as this allows groups of up to twenty to divide into two teams and compete against each other for best escape time. Manhattan Mayhem 1 and Manhattan Mayhem 2 run at the same time seven days a week.

Since our entire operation is designed for high volume, we are unable to offer any discounts to large groups.

To purchase tickets to one of our games as a gift, please click on the Book Now tab at the top of this page, scroll down and click on “Buy a Gift Voucher.” Note: you will be prompted to select a specific game but will not be required to select a date for the game. If your recipient would prefer to play a different game and not the game for which the voucher was purchased, they can just contact us when they are ready to make their reservation and we will do our best to accommodate.

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